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I’m a free-spirit, and my needs doesn’t fit here on,
so I bought a new domain/hosting and moved the blog there.

So remove this RSS and go to the new site! 🙂

Nice name uh? 😛


I want customizable Categories, do you?

Blog moved to a new web site
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While using Synapse, I feel a little bit “confused” by all those categories on top.
Most of the times I only want 3-4 things: Applications, Documents, Media files, Internet History.
Maybe some of you wants only 2 categories: Applications (as Default) and All (without Applications).

So I think it’s time to make categories customizable.
I started writing a configuration, but before I go ahead, I need to know what you think about that.

So this is the mockup:

Synapse Customizable Categories Mockup

Customizable Categories Mockup

Basically you can:

  • Add or Remove categories
  • Edit (Rename) current category
  • Set current category to default category when you open Synapse
  • Set what you want in the current category
  • Move current category before or after other categories

Vote, and if you don’t like the settings UI, please tell me why in comments 🙂
Suggestions are welcome, here or on WebUpd8 🙂

Hello world!

Hi there!

I’m an italian computer science student, who likes to join new “code adventures”.
I started my opensource expirience with Avant Window Navigator (written in C) after seeing a nice “mockup” around the web for a new theme!
I said “Wow, this is awesome, I want it, so I’ll code it myself”.
That’s it. I started looking at Gtk and Cairo documentation and after about a month “Lucido” was born and I joined the Awn Core Team!

Lucido Theme - Avant Window Navigator

Lucido Theme - Avant Window Navigator

Then I wrote a few patches to make rendering faster and to make 3D Style a little more glossy.

After that, ~mhr3 invited me to join a secret project (written in Vala) and here we are.
That project is now well known as Synapse!


Synapse (Dark Virgilio Theme)

Synapse is a semantic-launcher that will “Find what you do” in a few milliseconds!
Synapse is now at version 0.2.4, but it’ll be 0.2.6 very soon!
And trust me, you’ll like it more and more!